Libya is Finally Free

If you asked me at any time in my life what would be the happiest day of your life? I would easily respond and say that it would be the day gaddafi is killed or removed from power. That day has come but I am not as exicted as I thought it would be, maybe it still hasn’t hit me, maybe I am wondering about my father’s fate or maybe I am still so very upset at seeing so many GOOD Libyan lives cut short to finally change this regime.

 Izzat Al-Maqrif Ezzat Almegaryaf elmegaryaf

One of the main things that kept me optimistic about the situation in Libya through all these years is the possibility that my father could be alive. There’s a big possibility that we might find out his fate and I am not sure how ready I am for that. If my father is alive, then it would be one of the happiest days of my life and if he is a martyr, although I would be very honored it would mean that I can no longer be optimistic. I am still very happy with either outcome and I am very happy that Libya is now free of this tyrant and Inshallah things will go in the right direction so Libyans can finally have rights and opportunities. We should also remember that all of Libya’s martyrs have sacrificed their lives so that Libyans can live freely and fairly. The burden is now on us to make sure that the new Libya maintains democratic principals, transparency and equal opportunities for everyone.


Youcif Almegaryaf